RepRap CNC Router

Habe kürzlich eine Halterung auf Thingiverse veröffentlicht mit der man einen biegsame Welle für den Dremel (Teilenr.: 225) an stelle des Extruders auf den Protos und andere RepRaps montieren kann. Eigentliches Ziel ist es damit Platinen zu fräsen, aber hier schon mal ein paar Bilder der ersten Tests:

6 Gedanken zu „RepRap CNC Router

  1. This Imagination Board truly caught my eye. The Northern Lights and the colors on this board are so fantastic. Where ever do you find all of this information. I want to thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  2. Pam I love your shop…and am so glad you decided to give Beaverton a new opportunity for another charming place to shop….everyone who visits is sure to love it! And hopefully spend money!

  3. Haha, I added that example just for fun 🙂 Maybe I should offer it as an option for people to order custom made.The shop where I get them also has eyes which have a lid and lashes and look like they were painted with eye shadow. I always thought they looked too weird, but maybe I try a pair of those, too.

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